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Taking Video Gaming to the Next Level!

We create video games, learning-tools, and gaming-aids.

Sentinel Studios is all about improving the quality of gaming experience for our clients. Our co-founders left the Marine Corps to pursue their passion of good story-telling.

Sentinel Studious is a company made by gamers for gamers, with the idea of making fun and practical digital tools for the world. At Sentinel Studious, we test each feature and tool of each of our products to ensure that they will optimize and enhance the user's overall experience.

We hope you have as much fun playing our games as we do while designing them!

Sentinel Studios
Sentinel Studios

Build Community

Could your tabletop gaming experience be improved? We think so. Join Sentinel Studios in introducing a new community standard for tabletop gamers. You deserve it.

Sentinel Studios

Online Tools

Are you finding
it difficult to assemble the
team for D&D night?


Your worries end today. With our products your group can assemble online for a virtual tabletop gaming experience. Our tools will offer comprehensive innovation in how tabletop gaming is played. Trust us: Your group will thank you.

Your Voice Matters

Our team is made up of gamers and creatives. Whether it’s a night of D&D, Genesis, GURPS, World of Darkness, or literally anything else a group could possibly play – we want to elevate your personal and communal experience. Reach out and let us know what you hope for in the future, what we could do better with, and what you enjoy. We care about your voice. We’re part of the same community, and we’re happy to hear from you.

Let Us Know What You Think!

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Support Us

Your support during our development process means a lot. If you want, feel free to shop for some dice in the meantime  or donate to our GoFundMe.

Sentinel Studios
Sentinel Studios

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