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Meet Our Team

Sentinel Studios is all about improving the quality of the gaming experience in everything we do. Our co-founders left the Marine Corps, where Dylan to pursue their passion: good storytelling. They want to bring people and communities together around kick-ass products that help people communicate and share their own stories! Gaming across all mediums is an experience, and we’re going to elevate that experience. Come showtime, we hope you have as much fun playing our games and we do designing them!

Sentinel Studios

Our Team

ddylan bio pic

Dylan Damboise

Founder & President

Dylan left the Marine Corps, where he served as a Network Operator, to found Sentinel Studios.


Melanie Gonzalez

Co-Founder & Vice President

Melanie co-founded Sentinel Studios with her best friend & husband

Photo by vindicated.lw


John Bowden
(Foolish Frost)

Project Lead & Programmer

John Bowden is a Brain in a Jar.  His skills have been used by dozens of companies over the last decade in the game industry. 

Sophie Photo 2


Company Mascot

Sophie is Sentinel Studios’ incorrigible mascot.

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